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Studio Policies and Guidelines

Attendance and Lateness
Dancers are expected to be at every class. However, I understand things happen or come up. Please make sure you come to class! We will begin class on time every week. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early. Being late to class is disrespectful to not only the instructor, but also other students. If more than 10 minutes late, the instructor holds permission to have that dancer sit out the entire class. We must be properly warm in order to dance! It's for safety, not punishment. If you are going to be absent, please let me know. You can email, call or text me. My number and email are at the bottom of the page. Please save my number and email in your contacts for your convenience.

Food and Drink
Please be considerate that we are a dance studio and not a restaurant. The dancers can only have water in the studio. We will be selling bottles of water for $1 each. Food is also not allowed as it attracts bugs and other icky things. Gross! Parents, if you bring drinks with you, please be considerate and clean. I know I need my caffeine to get me going.

Payment and Tuition
Tuition is a yearly cost, split evenly into 10 months. Payment can be received in the form of Cash or Check, Credit Card or VENMO. It should also be made by a parent or adult, in person. Tuition is due on a monthly basis, and will not be prorated.  It must be paid the first week of class. However, I am human too! We forget things, I do a lot. You will have until the 15th of the month, or face a $25 late fee. If tuition is not paid, costumes will not be distributed, and it could also jeopardize the dancer performing in the recital or other events.  If there is a balance left on your account from previous year or years, you will not be allowed to register until the balance is paid off. That includes all late fees and tuition payments.  I am very understanding of being late. If you don't think you will make the payment on time, please contact me via email, call, text, mail, or stopping at the studio on a day you are not usually there. I am willing to work with you, as long as you tell me. I must enforce the late fee if it is constantly late.

Costumes will cost $80 each, unless otherwise specified. Costumes MUST be paid for by December 15th, or a $35 late fee, per costume, will be applied.  We will split up the payment into a 2-month payment plan. First payment will be due October 15, and the second due December 15. If there is any issue, please speak with Miss Elsa or Miss Dorothy. We will work with you!

Dance Studio
No parents are allowed in the actual dance studio area. Proper dance shoes must be worn in the studio. No street shoes of any kind are allowed. Please make sure your dancer does not wear their dance shoes outside. The blacktop can destroy their shoes, and it can also dirty up the dance floor. Proper shoes must be worn at all times.

NO GUM ALLOWED IN THE STUDIO FROM ANYONE! It is harmful for dancers to chew gum while dancing. Please save it for home.

Social Media
We hold permission to post pictures of the dancers on social media. However, we will not abuse the power to post. The internet is a scary and unknown place. We will only post tasteful pictures of the dancers.

Everyone knows what it's like when you are disrespected! Please be kind to everyone. Bullying, or disrespect will not be tolerated. It could result in being asked to leave the studio permanently, without refund. Please be nice to everyone. If a problem arises, ask for help! I am here for everyone, and I do not want to see others be hurt because of something that can probably be solved. We are family here! Everyone is loved!

Competition Team
Competition team is a special privilege! All dancers on the team must be enrolled in Ballet, Lyrical and Jazz, no exceptions. You will also be required to order a Team Jacket. We will wear them at competition to show our pride for SGDA! The jackets can be ordered online through our website. Go to to purchase. They cost about $60.00. Monthly charge for competition class is $30. It is a special dedication and will be a lot of work. The competitions that we do decide to go to, all dancers must participate. Fundraisers can be held to help raise money for the entry fees.

Attire and Dress Code
Proper dress is expected and required. Dress code is as follows,
Pearls- Students enrolled in Baby Steps or Freedom will be required to wear either a pink or white leotard. Pink, tan or white tights must be worn also. No shoes are required for class.
Amethyst- Our Combo classes are required to wear purple leotards with pink or tan tights. Proper shoes must be worn. They can be purchased at the front desk.

Emerald- All technique classes for Emeralds must wear green leotards with pink, tan or black tights. Proper shoes must also be worn.
Sapphire- All technique classes for Sapphire dancers must wear blue leotards with pink, tan or black tights. Proper shoes must also be worn.
Diamond- All technique classes for the Diamond level must wear black leotards, with pink, tan or black tights. Proper shoes must also be worn.
*If a dancer is not in dress code, they could be asked to sit out of class that day. Loose clothing, or street clothes can be dangerous and cause the dancer to be hurt. A skirt can be worn in ballet, and shorts in jazz or other classes.
**We will be selling everything you need for dance at the Front Desk. It must be ordered, so please allow a few weeks for delivery. During that time, I will pardon any dress code violations. However, once your order arrives, dress code will be strictly enforced.


Payment Plan Options
We have payment plan options that are as follows! The more classes you take, the more you save! Prices are listed for hour long classes only! All half hour classes cost $25. Paid in full discount is 15% of the total 10 month tuition and does not include the cost of costumes.



Number of Classes      Monthly Price             Paid in Full, Discounted

1                                      $45                                 $382.50

2                                      $80                                $680

3                                      $115                                $977.50

4                                      $150                               $1,275

5                                      $185                               $1,572.50

6                                      $220                              $1,870


Paid if Full must be paid in 1 payment by October 15. It does not include the price of the costumes.



Solos, Duos, and Trios
If you are interested in a solo, duo, or trio, please ask Miss Elsa. Each class will be 30 minutes long. Solos will cost $30 per month, Duo and Trio classes will cost $25 per dancer, per month. Dancing a solo is very hard, and requires dedication and tons of hard work. I hold the right to give solos out to those I see fit for my own reason. If I feel the dancer is not strong enough, I will not reward them with a solo. Instead, I would suggest a duo or trio.  Solos can always be worked up to.


If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to talk to me! I can be reached by phone at 267-767-5744 or email at I pride myself to be as approachable as possible. I am always willing to work with you, as long as you contact me first. If I have to contact you about anything, whether it be payment, class attendance, etc., the studio policies will be strictly enforced. Please read, and keep these policies for yourself. These are the guidelines to the studio, and must be abided by at all times.


I look forward to a great year and many, many more!

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