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Ballet is graceful, yet strong. Dancers are encouraged to take ballet as it is the foundation for most other techniques. We will learn how to properly stand as dancers, use our strength to express ourselves through dance, and also learn some basic history of ballet. We offer ballet for ages 5 and up in all levels.


Jazz is very upbeat, with lots of quick movements. Jazz technique is also very strong and specific, like ballet. We will work on musicality and personality while dancing and performing.



Lyrical is an expressive form of dance that combines the techniques of both ballet and jazz. Song selection has a huge impact on lyrical dance. In lyrical, we will focus more towards the expression of dance and how dance makes the audience feel. 

Hip Hop

Hip Hop consists of a variety of movement and is high energy. Dancers will learn how to dance to the beat and add attitude to their movement. 

Tap Dance Class


Tap is like making music with your feet! Musicality and rhythm are very important factors in tap technique. Dancers will also learn basic music theory in addition to tap technique. 

Baby Steps

Baby Steps is a creative class is that taken with a parent or guardian. We learn how to properly stretch, basic dance moves, listening skills, and also how to dance to the beat of the dancers own drum. We encourage creativity and independent thinking to help get the dancers to use their own voice to dance. 



Freedom is a creative movement based class that focuses on the dancers having a taste of freedom on the dance floor. We will be learning basic motor skills, listening skills, and also how to have fun in dance. 

Dancing Gems

Dancing Gems is reserved for our most special needs dancers. This class will be hip-hop based, with added flair of self-expression and confidence.

Young Dancers
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