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Our Stories

Strength & Grace Dance Academy has been a dream of Miss Elsa's for years. Since the age of 17, she has been teaching dance and knew that it would always be apart of her life. Miss Elsa started dance at 3 years old, and the rest is history.

Miss Elsa has her Aunt Marie to thank for starting dance. Her Aunt Marie was stricken with illness, and was in the hospital. On one of the last visits with her Aunt, she had suggested that little Elsa take dance. Her mom, Miss Dorothy who is also our secretary, wasted no time in enrolling her into dance. From the first class, Miss Elsa had fallen in love! The art of Ballet drew her in year after year. 


Ballet is very graceful, but takes more strength than it appears. The beauty of ballet is how effortless everything seems. Without strength, you can never be graceful. The studio is named after the 2 qualities Miss Elsa adores most about ballet, strength and grace. Every dancer is encouraged to do their best, no matter what. We strive to really understand and get to know our students. We love opening our doors to new students, year round.  You are invited to sign up for a free trial class! We look forward to seeing you soon!

The owner is the sweetest person you could ever meet!

-Larissa D.


Miss Elisa Fiore

Elisa Fiore started her dance career in Queens, New York, where she focused on jazz, ballet, and tap, eventually moving on to lyrical and pointe. She began student teaching at the age of sixteen, where she helped students ages 2-12 years old in tap, jazz, and ballet. Currently, she attends The Pennsylvania State University at Abington, for a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. Miss Elisa has always loved to dance and to choreograph but most importantly she is excited and can’t wait to teach at Strength and Grace Dance Academy!

Miss Brooklyn Warner

Dancing since she was 3, Brooklyn danced with Penn Academy for 14 years and En Pointe for 3 years. She has instructed dance for the past 5 years at Penn Academy. Her styles of dance ranges from hip hop all the way to pointe. She is always excited to learn something new and never misses a chance to dance!

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